Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spring already?

The arrival of Spring is, as usual a surprise. Not that it doesn't happen pretty reliably at about this time every year, but of course, the garden projects that I was cheerfully predicting in Autumn would be done by Spring remain unfinished. And now I have to divert my efforts to those seasonal tasks that just won't wait, like planting seeds.

All thoughts of plant care and garden maintenance disappear when I look at a seed catalogue. My mind goes straight from buying the seed packet, with its seductive images of perfect flowers and vegetables, directly to superb results in my flower beds or on my plate, with no thought for the effort needed from me in between. So I always buy too many. Quite how I'm going to manage, especially with my living room furniture currently taking up most of the space in my conservatory, I have no idea.

But anyway, today I make a start. Here's seeds of perennial poppies, chili peppers, and tomatoes. And for good measure, here's some fuschia cuttings I took last Autumn. When cutting the plant down for Winter, I thought it might be a good idea to stick some of the twigs into some compost to see if they sprouted, as an insurance against the parent plant getting frozen to death outside. So I stuck them in a pot, covered it with a plastic bag and ignored it for the Winter. Result: two new plants.


@eloh said...

Where did you put you fuschia cuttings? In the dark?

You have such a wonderful place..and a place for everything!

By the way, I really hope that wasn't you up on the roof.

Cogitator said...

Hi Eloh,

I just put the fuschia cuttings in the conservatory which is pretty much frost-free, in the light but not in strong direct sunlight, in their pot, in a plastic bag to keep the moisture in. Like that it doesn't need watering or any other attention, and they either manage to sprout or not. There were about 12 twigs I put in the pot, two sprouted.

Yes, it was me up the ladder. I've gotten told off for that by all my blog followers :)

the fly in the web said...

I use my summer kitchen as it is the best insulated place in the house, double glazed, plenty of light but no direct sunshine andm just like your conservatory, things do really well.

I must start the seeds, it will make me think things are changing for the better...

Lia said...

Busy busy busy, that's you right now, but I'm sure it will all pay off beautifully by summer.

We only told you off because we care.
ell to be honest I only told you off,because I wanted you to come back with a smart quip about how you had no one to foot the ladder and I could then interject with how I would be willing to do it for you, thus ensuring myself a holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!
Call me fickle if you want, but the offer still stands!!!!!!!!!!

much love

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