Sunday, 20 August 2017


I discovered two new things this week, both food-related.   We were on the autoroute going south, and diverted into a nearby town for lunch.   A random pizza restaurant called to us from the other side of the road, so we turned off to it.

It turns out that it's part of a franchise, one I'd not heard of :  Baïla Pizza  The served a fine lunch, and were quite busy.  The pizza that Anita chose tased excellent, with a thin, non-stodgy base.  The small size was fine for one person's lunch.  I chose a folded pizza with garlic prawns, also excellent.

The other thing was discovered in a market in the little town of Prayssac in the département of Lot.  Great big onion-like things, red and white, that, according to the vendor anyway, are sweet.  They're a cross between shallots and onions, and the French call them échaillons.  They were about the size and shape of your hand if you compress the fingers sideways, like you're trying to get it into a narrow circular opening.  The échaillons in the picture are in the pile next to the tray of red onions.   I will get some seed and see if I can grow some since I like sweet onions in salads.

I didn't buy any, which was perhaps a mistake.


CherryPie said...

It is always nice to discover new types of food.

The red onions in your photo are quite different to the ones we have over here. Our red onions are round like white onions, but with a completely different taste.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Yes, I am also used to red onioins being more round

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