Saturday, 26 August 2017

The glut

Last year I planted 3 or 4 courgette seeds in a small clump.  The idea is that you select, a few weeks later, the best of the seedlings that come up.  None did.

So this year I planted 4 clumps in the expectation that I might get something out as a result.  All 4 grew, and since one plant makes a glut, this year we have a superglut of courgettes.

We're doing our best.  Grilled courgette, fried courgette, courgette muffins, courgette soup.  But when we went of for a week's holiday, we came back to find 7 or so large courgettes, some of them nearly marrow-sized.  What to do?  I was going to chuck them on the compost heap, but Anita said to put them on a chair outside the gate, offering them to passers-by.  I was sceptical, but they disappeared the same day, and someone even left a little "thank you" note.

(It's in the top right-hand corner: "Merci bcp, Bonne soirée, Cordialement"; loosely "Thanks a lot, Have a good evening, Cheers")

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