Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The chateau Bonaguil

The little village of St Martin-le-Redon where the flute course took place is not far from the massive old chateau Bonaguil.  (That sounds a bit like bon acceuil, as in friendly welcome)  It is now the property of a local commune, and is in the process of being restored.  It's a massive and impressive building, a tourist attraction, and we went to see it.

It is built on a high promontory, and offers a fabulous view over the surrounding countryside.   I'll let you read about it on Wiki, since they have a complete history of it.

There was an exhibition of artworks inside the castle, including for example, giant vampire bats hanging from the ceiling to intercept you as you walked around, or big black spiders just behind the door.  Very spooky.  And this rather fine dragon was lurking in a very dark corner, nearly invisible, revealed here only by the flash.

There is a miniatures museum nearby, specialising in historical dioramas, including many military models and battle scenes.  It is largely the work of one man who cast and painted the figures; an impressive display of talent and dedication.  I didn't go in but Anita is interested in minis so she did.  There is a full-size replica suit of armour outside; I was a bit disconcerted to see the face inside of it: it was somehow unexpected.

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CherryPie said...

This sounds like an interesting place to visit.

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