Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Limoges - the junk shop

I'm not sure that "junk shop" is the politically correct term, but it's one that my father would have used, in complete innocence.  And it certainly applies to this "troc" that we chanced upon just outside of Limoges.  It was vast and full of junk.  It was on the way to a poreclain shop and factory just a bit upstream from Limoges on the Vienne.  We bought some porcelain serving plates there, but the junk shop was interesting too.

I mean, where else can you buy second-hand books for a euro the kilo?  There was an early C.J Cherryh book translated into french, but I'm not that much into sci-fi and Anita decided not to buy it.

That table in solid wood, described as a monastery table, was rather nice.  At €450 I'd have bought it on the spot if I had had the means to transport it.    But on the basis that you can't leave Limoges without buying some porcelain, Anita bought a cat.  (The serving plates don't count, cos they were for the gîte).  Here it is.  One euro from the junk shop.

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CherryPie said...

The table and chairs are made to last, what a wonderful find. Maybe you should look into a way to transporting it to your Gite...

These sort of places are so cluttered it is difficult to see if there is anything of interest. It takes a little time!

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