Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Limoges - Museum Adrien Dubouché

Is the French National Porcelain Museum "Adrien Dubouché" the best poreclain museum in the world?  It would not surprise me.

The museum was started in 1845, and is named after a founding father who took over as Director in 1865.  His success in business and consequent wealth allowed him to create what was among the biggest ceramic museums of the 19th century.   The government took over the administration of the museum in 1881 and it has subsequently had large quantities of taxpayers' money poured into it.  It's an impressive building with an impressive collection, and if you visit Limoges, you really should see it.

One of the things that amused me was a work by Ewa Sadoska; a porcelain cast of her nostrils, placed on miniature pedestals in the style of great traditional art.  She is cocking a snook at the pretentions that can surround such art that has a long tradition behind it.

Other examples of her work are shown elsewhere in the museum, so I think she has been forgiven.

If I were ever to meet her, I think we might get on.

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