Monday, 5 August 2019

Stroll around the village

As part of the Summer tourist attractions, our petite cité de caractère has an exhibition of artworks dotted around the village, in the centre and surroundings.   They don't announce themselves with great fanfare, you have to just spot them.  I took a stroll around the village the other day, just to have a look.

The man reading a book is one of a series of the same guy in different poses reading different books.  The kids likewise, off for their swim have adults in similar style relaxing in the village.

The tower is one of a faintly disturbing set displayed on various buildings that shows tiny human figures parading towards the top, sometimes falling, or abseiling down or being helped up.  The rather malevolent-looking cow is grazing on a hillside just outside of the main village.

There are other styles of artwork placed strategically around, and it takes a keen eye so spot them all.  Here's a couple of extra photos of the environment that caught my eye as I walked around.


helen devries said...

I think I prefer the scenery and flowers to the artworks.

CherryPie said...

The artworks are cute within their setting. They work for me as a temporary juxtaposition.

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