Sunday 10 November 2019

Cold chillis

I planted some chilli pepper seeds last Springtime, I got two plants that I grew to maturity outside in the veg patch.  Both plants produced some fruit; chilli peppers shaped a bit like lanterns, and yellow when ripe.

I learnt something new; when the fruits were green, they weren't hot, and tasted more like sweet bell peppers than anything else.  The Winter frosts are here, so I have picked all of the unripe fruits and I am hoping that they will mature off the plant.  They are certainly turning yellow; I will have to test to see if they get spicy hot as well.

P.S.  *strangled voice*  I can confirm that the chillis become hot when they turn yellow.  *cough*


CherryPie said...

Peppers too change their flavour as they ripen into the different colours.

pete said... I tried this recently - I found the smoked salt at Aldi - and I (on a second attempt) used white wine vinegar... still needs a bit of tweaking though - but surprisingly similar to the real tobasco

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