Wednesday, 16 June 2021

China shop

Anita stumbled across a little shop selling turkish pottery and some traditional linens.   We have happy memories of windsurfing holidays in Bodrum, and have a china plate in a traditional design, displayed in a cabinet here to remind us of that time.  We went into the shop to have a look.

Everything in there had been carefully chosen, there was nothing naff or ugly.   Mostly it was decorative plates, little bowls for olives or other nibbles, and glass spheres for lighting effects.  I fell in love with this traditional teardrop style vase in a glorious blue with fish designs.  Unfortunately it was too big to go in any of our cupboards or shelves, nor do we grow any kind of flowers that would set it off.

I bought a plate in the same design; more practical and less likely to get broken.   It's in the display cupboard reminding us of the break in St Malo that reminded us of our turkish windsurfing holidays.

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