Thursday 3 February 2022

New sofas

The gîte features a large salon, about 50 square metres, that needs a certain amount of furniture in it to look comfortable.   The first sofas we bought were cloth-covered, and they needed replacing when the stains became ineradicable.

The next bunch of sofas we bought were finished in a plastic imitation leather, that we figured could be cleaned more easily, but it flaked to pieces in about 6 years.   The stretch covers that we had made for them to conceal the mess didn't work well, so it was time to replace them as well.   

This time we bought, mail order, three sets, each comprising one two-seater and one three-seater sofa, that is, 6 sofas in all.   They're made in China (surprise) and cost €1500 the lot (on sale).   What I like about them, apart from the fact that they were cheap, is that the coverings are all detatchable, hence can be washed easily, or even replaced if necessary.   I'm hoping that this will prolong their useful life.

I was particulalry impressed with the packing for shipment.  All the cushions and the back rest fitted into the base, so the box was the size of just the base, elongated to include the arm rests.   No empty space at all.

The salon looks comfortable now, cosy even, and fresh.


James Higham said...


Woodsy42 said...

Looks very comfortable and nicely set up. We had some patio furniture packed like that. 2 seater 'setee' two armchairs, two stools, all the cushions and a table, which arrived as just one box - I thought they had lost the rest somewhere in transit. But no everything was packed like one of those little wooden puzzles into a solid interlocking block with no spare space. Clever people the Chinese, whatever we think of their government.

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