Sunday, 16 August 2009


We hosted a course on bien-être last week, which loosely translates as "health and vitality". The subjects covered include excercise, relaxation, massage, and healthy eating.

As you can imagine, the course organisers were exacting in their requirements for meals: organic (bio) produce, two vegetarian meals per day, with meat, only white meat or fish, only at lunchtimes. Fresh ingredients to be used wherever possible. The wife came up trumps with a bunch of imaginative and tasty recipies that everyone appreciated, to the extent that people applauded when she came out of the kitchen.

I did my bit with fresh herbs and veg from the veg patch. I'm a bit disheartened by the excellent fruit and vegetables you can get in the supermarkets here, and they're not expensive. But nothing beats organic food, tasty and fresh from picking, grown in your own garden. And I know for sure that it's had no pesticides, and only organic horse manure as fertiliser. (Mind you, you never really know what the horse has been eating...what do horses eat, anyway.... maybe not what you'd expect....."Hello, my name's ....Dobbin.... and I'm a........ carnivore....."?)

I grew loads of curly and flat-leaved parsley, which came in handy for many of the recipies.

Patty-Pan squash on the vine gets stuffed with organic grains and cheese

1 comment:

Lia said...

When can I move in?
I need to eat food like that, it sounds yummy.

I do believe that them there 'orses eats hay!! and pony nuts, I always feel sorry for the ponies who get their nuts eaten!!!!! eek

*gets coat and leaves*

much love,
Lia xx.

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