Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Colmar is one of the towns right by the winemaking areas of Alsace, described as "the jewel of l'Asace", and when it was too cold or windy for cycling, we went to spend that day there and see what was to be seen.  It's clearly oriented around the tourist trade, and even on a cold day out of season, it was quite busy with sightseers.

On the downside, they have those wretched parking pay stations that expect you to pay using your mobile phone.  Have you tried using those?  Nightmare.  We eventually found the bit that takes real money.

The old buildings in the centre are well-maintained, and the waterways that thread past make an attractive backdrop.  The Little Venice sector is especially pretty.

We had lunch in Ye Olde Touriste Trappe, of a dish that was touted as a local speciality - rosti.  That is, a dish of grated potato placed in a skillet and roasted in an oven, and with a topping of various ingredients of your choice.  We were not especially impressed, but I think thet dish itself holds promise.  If the potatoes had been better cooked and the sauce better integrated into them, it would have been OK.


James Higham said...

Think mine was better today.

CherryPie said...

Rosti is supposed to be crispy on the outside.

There are some interesting looking buildings in the town.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Well yes, Cherie, I have always associated "rosti" with crip edges. The topping had been crisped under a grill, but unfortunately it didn't extend to the potatoes.

Mark In Mayenne said...

This comment from Wiggiaatlarge, that Google won't let me add:

Hello Mark
Your second photo is of Kientzheim where we stayed for a few days on our way back from the southern Rhone, nice small historic village and nowhere near as busy as the adjoining Kayserberg,
The hotel we stayed at is just a hundred yards from that picture and had a first class restaurant unlike the one on the corner in the photo which we used on the day off at the hotel!
The food generally is great in the Alsace as you know it has as many Michelin starred restaurants as any other area, Lovely part of the world.

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