Saturday, 17 November 2018


A very pretty town, seat of that most impotent of pseudo-democracies, the European Parliament.  You could see the tower-of-Babel-inspired building from the roof of the cathedral, but you couldn't persuade me to visit it.

There were amazing stained glass windows in the cathedral.  Here's just a couple.

The presence of waterways through the town makes for some attractive views, and the central area rewards just strolling around.  Even if it's cold.

The statue is of Gutenberg, of printing press and bible fame; he lived in Strasburg for five years.

There is good shopping in Strasburg, if you are not short of a bob or two, including Galleries Lafayette (clothes, luggage, boring) and FNAC (PCs! drones! tech! interesting)


James Higham said...

Been there. Very pretty as you say, except for that Tower of Babylon there.

CherryPie said...

It looks a very pretty town. I like the windows in the cathedral, but then I am biased. You know I love to visit Cathedrals.

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