Monday, 5 November 2018


We stayed 4 nights at Neuf-Brisach.  The Goole Earth pic below shows clearly that the town did not grow "organically", but was designed for defense.  It is positioned on the other side of the Rhine from Breisach and defends against the strategic importance of that town.

Our lodging was in a set of holiday apartments -"L'étoile de la Citadelle"; there was a kitchenette in the bed-sitting room plus a roomy bathroom, and entryway.  It was on the ground floor, and suitable for wheelchair users.  I don't know if the other apartments are equally spacious, but we were very pleased with it.  It was a stone's throw from the central square where we found excellent bakers and coffee shops.

The town is defended by impressive earthworks.  We cycled around them at the lower level, and I also went around on the top.  Each straight section of wall has its own artwork installation, and I took some pics.

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