Saturday 17 June 2023


You can get many carefully developed, and very fancy varieties of Aquilegia, also known as Columbine, but they don't last long and their seeds revert to the wild versions very quickly.   But still, it's nice to see these "Granny's Bonnets" growing in the hedgerow.

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Scrobs. said...

Hi Mark,

I don't think I've ever seen such a bright blue one like that - it's a beauty!

We're lucky in having several coloured plants, all shades of pink and rich, deep purple, and

a few of the standard purple, but they're such forgiving flowers, they get absolutely no maintenance, yet get bigger every year, and flowering when we really do need to see some colour starting in the year!

I often save the seed and chuck it around the surrounding coutryside, and occasionally get a surprise too - but never such a lovely blue one like yours!

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