Sunday 4 June 2023

Plantfest, Chateau du Lude

The Château du Lude is an impressive backdrop for a plantfest, and it's only an hour away from us, so we went to take a look.   Given that our place is up for sale, it's difficult to be motivated to buy much in the way of plants, but we did succumb.

What I like about these events is the variety of plants that I haven't seen before.   Like these iris, almost completely black, but showing a violet hue against the sun.

We liked the cat profiles in iron (also to be found were farmyard animals, ducks and wild boar), and there were some spectacular rose displays.

In the end we bought at few geraniums for pots around the house, and I opted for some veg plants that I had never come across before.   They're all perennials, because I like the idea of an edible plant that lasts for ever.   I got a perpetual leek, that sends up multiple shoots when the plant regrows after dormancy (cut the shoots off at ground level and eat them), a tuberous onion that makes underground onions (plant a few to multiply the plant and eat the rest), and a perennial basil (keep it dry and not too cold over Winter).


James Higham said...

Your place is up for sale? Interesting, Mark, most interesting.

Scrobs. said...

Hi Mark,

I can never think of red geraniums without recalling them all over balconies in Normandy!

We managed to buy some of those black metal frames, which hold one pot and can hang almost anywhere, and they're a delight at this time of year!

Like the idea for perennial leeks too... I might have a go at one or two, as they can be made to grow like that over three years or so apparently! I always grow a winter leek anyway, so it'll be worth a try!

CherryPie said...

It looks a fabulous place to visit. Who would not be tempted by a few delightful plants.

Where are you hoping to move to when you sell your current abode?

Mark In Mayenne said...

Bonjour chérie, we will be looking in this same general area. We have a couple of possible purchases in view, but a lot depends on how long it tales us to sell this place - we xpect it to take a while because it's unusual.

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