Monday 16 March 2020


Well it's Monday 16th and many businesses in France are shut down, especially those involving getting groups of people together.  Including our gîte de groupe.

Meanwhile, life goes on, and we went to get the week's shopping today.   Many supermarkets are being raided by panic buyers, and their revenues are up.  Promocash, our supplier of food for the business is, however, experiencing a severe downturn, because no restaurants (except take-aways and the like) are buying.   They sent a text message on Sunday assuring us of their availability for professional and personal supplies, so we decided to shop there.  

I had a chat with the manager, and she explained that as a result of the downturn, she was opening the store for only only half the day from tomorrow, and putting her staff on part time working - "chomage technique".   We want the Promocash in Laval to survive; there's no other commercial "cash and carry" food provider in that town, and currently the nearest is in Le Mans, much farther away.   And by shopping there we not only help them to survive but also reduce the load on the normal supermarkets.

The shop was fairly busy, the shelves were well stocked and the trees outside were in bloom.

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CherryPie said...

That sounds like a perfect plan. Going into our supermarkets during the last week has been quite shocking! Stupid selfish people have been panic buying and there are large gaps on the shelves.

We get our meat from a local butcher (a short drive) rather than the supermarket. They have just announced that due to the current concerns and advised social distancing that they will be providing free home deliveries in the local area. They also stock vegetables, cakes, bread and one or two other items.

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