Tuesday, 17 March 2020


The French for curfew is "couvre-feu" so you can see the similarity of the two languages.   We have one imposed, now, in France.

I'm glad we did our shopping in Laval yesterday, because as of mid-day today, we are supposed to shop only locally, and would probably not be able to go there.   I don't know if that means locally as in the nearest small supermarket (A Carrefour Market in Vaiges, 10 minutes by car) or the much bigger Super-U in Evron (20 minutes by car).  But either way, it's unlikely to mean Laval (40 minutes by car).

You can be excused the curfew if you are travelling for certain specific purposes such as food shopping, walking dogs, going to a medical appointment, exercising near your home but not in a group, and so on.  The documentation you need is rather quaint: you can handwrite or download and print out a document that declares "on your honour" that you are travelling for one of the permitted purposes.  You have to present it along with your ID, if stopped.

Some people see a sinister purpose behind all this, but regardless of whether they're right or not, keeping everyone separate from sources of infection, that is, other people, should stop the spread of the disease in its tracks.

Not only is travel inside France severely restricted, but certain EU borders are closed too.  I wonder what they will do about the illegal immigrants coming into Greece.

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CherryPie said...

We are experiencing the same thing in the UK (not quite a lock down yet).

It is not a sinister purpose, it is because people are stupid/selfish/naive, ignoring a threat that can be curtailed if people were sensible...

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